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Welcome to the testimonial page.

Here you will find a mixture of feedback from both Confidence Building Courses and One to One Coaching.

The client's names have been changed unless they have given permission to use them.



By Dovi Requena, Feb 22 2018 07:40PM

This course was very special, I worked with people at The Bridge Community Centre in Brighton who have found life very challenging, here is what they said about the course:

I found the teacher and course very helpful. Dovi was kind and always checked I was ok with my dyslexia. the course was extremely informative and helpful.

I have found this course really interesting and its helped me become more confident and given me ways to help with my confidence and made me realise that I’m not the only one that isn’t confident. Dovi was kind and helpful.

Informative and useful. Techniques clear and course delivery succinct. Enabling me to identify and “contain” issues and initiate a development programme.

The course delivers helpful and practical information and support, there is enough time to talk about everything and I feel encouraged to participate. It has given me fresh and useful tools that I can use in everyday life which I hope to incorporate into my daily routine. I feel that my mental and physical wellbeing has already benefited from participating in the course.

Great course. Teacher was kind, patient and friendly, helping others always. I feel so much more at ease with myself and realise my self confidence isn’t too bad.

By Dovi Requena, Aug 3 2017 04:38PM

"Having been through so much in my personal life in the past for many years, I lost all my confidence, self esteem and myself. I attended one of Dovi's happiness courses and then her confidence course. These really helped me so much, but realising I had so much to work through I continued to see Dovi for one to one confidence coaching session.

With Dovi's amazing guidance, kindess and compassion I managed to find myself again. I was so lost and hopeless, but with Dovi's continued encouragement and support I feel I have grown into a capable woman and believe in myself more. I have been able to start to do stuff I enjoy, go to places, play sport again and meet new people. Something I would never have done before. I have made new friendships and learnt my values and good qualitied as a person. Dovi has taught me different skills and tools in order to deal with certain situations and I can continue to use these tools to help me in the future.

I have a whole new meaning to my life now and I would recommend Dovi's coaching to anyone who needs help with confidence or anyone that has sturggles in certain areas.

In my eyes I started Dovi's courses as pretty much nothing, but feel now I have grown my wings and learnt how to fly. Dovi made me feel valued, important and capable as a human being. She has a genuine empathy to want to help others. I could never really put into words how much this lady has helped me. Thank you so much for all your guidance and support, I could never repay you for all your han take help."

By Dovi Requena, Jun 15 2017 05:14PM

Here is the feedback from a couple of students who really enjoyed this course:

“As a first step back to thinking about work and doing something for ‘me’, it has been a fabulous course.

Dovi is a kind, insightful tutor and really managed the course to suit our needs as learners.

I feel equipped now to deal with job applications and I plan to find voluntary work as the first step to gaining employment.

All aspects of the course were useful. Thank you!”

Dovi has been absolutely wonderful, she made the course suit the learning styles we needed. I have gained confidence and become clear in the career path I wish to take.

The relaxed style to the course is just perfect.

I would change the length of the course to make it longer, purely because I feel sad it is coming to an end.

I’d highly recommend this course to anyone.”

By Dovi Requena, May 5 2017 06:15PM

"The couse was by far the most positive step I have made to get back into work! Not only do I feel more confident in my abilities, clearer about the path I want to take, I have actually been offered a job :) I am SO grateful for all the help and support from the tutor and the other students."

By Dovi Requena, Jan 31 2017 06:07PM

"I had been struggling with anxiety for a couple of years before I went to see Dovi. I would often struggle with keeping calm and found myself feeling anxious and panicked over the smallest of things, which would end up affecting my mood and relationships with the people around me. I first had a phone call with Dovi, about how my anxiety was taking over my life and how I wanted to change that. I then, had about five or six sessions with Dovi and even after my first session, I felt so much relief and peace, feelings I had not experienced in such a long time. We spoke about situations where I felt most anxious and from there narrowed down the key reasons and problems which were causing me to have panic attacks and feel so anxious all of the time. From this Dovi then gave me advice on how to calm myself in situations where I felt my anxiety rising, such as breathing techniques and ways to distract myself from these worries. Dovi helped me to identify things that made me anxious, which I had not even realised myself were causing me to worry. I learnt new ways to release my anxiety, by writing out feelings I had kept to myself and spoke about strategies to help overcome my worries. Dovi has helped me conquer my anxiety more than I would have ever expected anyone to do. She made me feel relaxed, comfortable and self-confident, which were things I struggled to feel a lot of the time, as well as taking time out of her day to check up on me between sessions. I would highly recommend Dovi to anyone who may be suffering from things such as anxiety, lacking in self-confidence or those who feel in need of some advice. Ever since my last session with Dovi I have felt so confident within myself along with feeling peaceful and happy, which my anxiety took away from me for many years. I cannot express how grateful I am for Dovi’s help and support throughout the past few months and for her faith and encouragement in me to become the anxiety-free person I have become."

By Dovi Requena, Jan 23 2017 04:40PM

This has been a really life changing course. My confidence, attitude and my way of living has been changed for the better. I have such a better understanding of how the mind works and can now remain focused, positive and have the strength to deal with different situations. My confidence has improved three fold!

By Dovi Requena, Dec 16 2016 04:37PM

Fantastic 5 week course with some very special people - here are some of their comments and pictures of some of our fun creative work including a gratitude letter that we sent to someone dear to us.

"The course was really well delivered in a caring and patient way - making us feel welcomed and at ease.

The content was helpful and informative, it was easy to understand and apply to every day life. I have learned to go back to the root of everything and it has dramatically changed my day to day happiness and well being in a positive way."

"I looked forward to attending the course every week due to the welcoming atmosphere and friendliness of every one there. It felt very open and caring, as well as being a safe space for people to share when they wanted/needed to. I also really enjoyed the art activities as it was lovely to experiment with techniques I hadn't tried before and I felt more inspired afterwards."

"Dovi's class is special - This has been a great experience, have met some lovely people - have also come away with some new ways of thinking. Dovi is a great teacher and has a natural warmth."

By Dovi Requena, Nov 10 2016 08:23PM

Lovely feedback from some great students who finished a course today:

"I'm really glad I did this course, I've got a lot out of it, and lots of stuff to take away with me and practice and work on. Dovi was a really good teacher, I enjoyed the different exercises and getting to know people in a little group. It has definitely made a difference to my confidence and how I approach things. I feel a lot less like a useless turnip as I have in the past. Thanks Dovi!"

"Dovi is amazing she makes the class easy to get on with. My confidence is going through the roof! before I came to this course I couldn't even stand up to my family and now I feel like I can stand up to anyone. The gratitude diary, changing negative thoughts and writing in my diary has been great and my humour has come out more."

"I'm grateful for the course because it helped build me and others. I'm on my way to staring my own business."

By Dovi Requena, Aug 20 2016 02:03PM

This summer some very special ladies enjoyed this couse, we had so much fun and shared and learnt so much! Here we are blowing bubbles just for fun and also some of the feedback:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course; the teaching was wonderful and relaxing. Very friendly group and very supporting. I’m taking a lot more away than I came with."

"I have really enjoyed the positive atmosphere created and carefully maintained throughout the course. It has been great to have the opportunity to discuss ideas within a supportive environment, and to learn new strategies and ways of thinking.

I appreciate all the hard work you put into preparing 5 well-structured sessions for us – Thank you!"

"I loved this course. Being in a non-judgemental environment. This course has definitely raised my happiness."

"This course has had a hugely positive impact on my mental & emotional wellbeing. Meeting others has given me confidence and the skills Dovi has taught us I will use and take forward – Thanks Dovi!"

"I have loved this course and really feel blessed at how much it has lifted my energy. I feel more confident, playful and motivated as well as grateful."

By Dovi Requena, Jul 6 2016 08:37PM

A brilliant course which follows the Confidence Building course explores a range of topics that help to identify what thoughts, actions and choices lead to happier living. We combine a range of creative activities with mindfulness in a relaxed and friendly environment with lots of opportunities to have fun and learn to be in the moment.