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Confidence Building Courses

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The small group courses take place in a suitable local venue.

Small Group Courses

The Setting


The course programme includes a range of exercises and skills that challenge limited thinking and enables the group to set specific personal, professional and nurturing goals. The group will learn to recognise their values; unique qualities and personalities which become a springboard to enhance their confidence and  self-esteem. Principles and guidelines that overcome hurdles are explored together, enabling the group to identify what they need to do to move forward. The course caters for the groups' individual needs in a confidential and encouraging  environment where they are able to learn and have fun at the same time.


There are three options you can choose from:

           A 3 hour introductory session

           A 5 hour worshop

           The complete 18 hour course which can be tailored to suit the    

           organisations need, for example: A six week course of 3 hours

           per week or a three day course consisting of 6 hours per day.






3 hour introductory session: 3 - 9 people £250

5 hour workshops:  3 - 9 people £350 - £450

The price for the full 18 hour course will depend on how many people are attending.


For more information about prices please email

Concessionary rates for groups which come under charity status can be discussed.