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Confidence Building Courses

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Phone or On line coaching via Skype Facetime or WhatsApp

The Setting


This bespoke one to one course challenges negative thinking and enables you to set specific personal goals. You will learn to recognise the values you hold, your unique qualities and personality which will become a springboard to grow your self-esteem. Principles and guidelines that overcome hurdles are explored together, enabling you to identify what you need to do to move forward.


A consultation over the phone can help you decide if this course is for you. Email to find the best time to discuss how a confidence building course could help you move forward.


This is then followed by eight 1 hour sessions which is the complete course and costs £400.


Payment can be made in full after the first session or on a monthly basis.


One to one coaching sessions are £50 per hour.

One to One Courses

small group